Psychological and Spiritual Consequences of Synthesized vs. Analogue Music

Originally posted on The Unists:
The first commercially available electronic music synthesizers were made in the late 1950s and were popularized in mainstream music use by the 1970s. The sound of the 80s essentially is just the synthesizer. Since then, electronically-generated sounds have been used to invent many genres of music as well as invaded…

The Political Compass is Worse Than Useless

Originally posted on The Unists:
The left/right paradigm is the Overton window of the world. Almost everyone limits their thinking of politics to that of the left and the right. The ‘Political Compass’ has emerged in the past two decades as a popular way by which people identify their political position, usually by taking a…

My Homesteading Journey

A few months ago I moved to a beautiful piece of land to begin emancipating myself from the industrial system. Immediately I set to work planting my gardens, which are now producing much more food than I can keep up with eating. My hens lay plenty of eggs, and there is a river running throughContinue reading “My Homesteading Journey”


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