Psychological and Spiritual Consequences of Synthesized vs. Analogue Music

The Unists

The first commercially available electronic music synthesizers were made in the late 1950s and were popularized in mainstream music use by the 1970s. The sound of the 80s essentially is just the synthesizer. Since then, electronically-generated sounds have been used to invent many genres of music as well as invaded those genres previously dominated by analogue instruments. If you turn on the radio you are most likely to be met with the sounds of synthesizers. The reader may be asking what the difference is if the synthesizer accurately reproduces the sound of the instrument. I posit that the way the music is produced has a deep impact on the overall pathology of humans. Admittedly this is very conceptual and not a systematized theory. It is just an idea that I have been playing around with for a year or two. Let’s go ahead and get right into the substance of…

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